Do you need discount U.S. postage at 75% of face value? We can offer you any amount of postage in increments of $25. Your postage will be well mixed and mostly will be of 5¢ through 32¢ denominations. There will mostly likely be some 1¢ through 4¢ but won’t be a heavy amount. You will find packages listed here from $25 to $100 face value.

Do you need a specific denomination of stamp? We can help you with that as well as we sell packets of 100 stamps of the same denomination at 80% of face value just let us know.

Mailing a lot of First Class letters. We put together packets of 2 and 3 stamp combinations to equal the current 55¢ one ounce first class rate. These packets are priced at 85% of value.

Looking for Forever stamps? We have these in limited quantities at 90% of face.

Remember – This is Discount Postage! Some stamps may have been previously hinged into a stamp album or slightly damaged but they will all have full gum and most will still be Mint Never Hinged just like they came from the post office. You may find some stamps that are pristine and you may be able to add to your collection but that is not the intended purpose of these lots.

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