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Terms of Sale: All stamps are guaranteed genuine as described. If a buyer is not satisfied with a stamp for any reason it may be returned within 30 days for a full refund (excluding shipping). After 90 days a stamp may not be returned unless it was placed on extension to get a Certificate of Authenticity. The owner then has 130 days to return a stamp.

Expertizing:  We must be notified at time of purchase that a buyer wishes to place a stamp on extension to have it certified. The return privilege is then extended an additional 90 days. Our acceptable expertizers are: The Philatelic Foundation of New York City, the Professional Stamp Experts of Henderson, NV and the American Philatelic Society of Bellefonte, PA. If you plan on using another service please we are open to discussing it. A stamp may not be placed on extension for centering, previously described fault(s), sold as is, or was part of a set or lot that consisted of multiple stamps. If a committee deems the stamp other than as described it may be returned for a full refund. If the purchase price was more than $150 and the stamp did not already have a Cert. The refund will include the cost of the certificate up to $50. If the net purchase price was less than $150, or the stamp already had a certificate the refund will not include the cost of the new cert.

Returns: Stamps may not be returned for centering, previously described faults, or if an expertizing committee states "no opinion". Stamps must be returned in their original packaging with a copy of the invoice.

Payments: Cash, Money Orders, Checks, PayPal, VISA, Master Card, and Discover are accepted. Applicable sales tax must be paid by the buyer unless the buyer has a valid resale tax certificate as a stamp dealer.

Shipping: Stamps will be shipped by U.S. Mail by the method we deem safest. Our shipping charges are listed below:

Within United States
Orders up to $49.99 = $1.50
Orders $50.00 to $199.99 = $2.50
Orders $200.00 to $399.99 = $4.50
Orders $400.00 to $799.00 = $9.00
Orders over $800.00 = $17.50 ( Priority Service and Tracking )

Foreign including Canada
Orders up to $49.99 = $2.50
Orders $50.00 to $99.99 = $4.50
Orders $100.00 to $299.99 = $6.50
Orders Over $300.00 = $17.50 ( Includes Registration fee )

The above shipping charges are for stamp only orders. Orders including supplies may incur additional fees for postage actually used.

Philatelic Glossary:  Here you will find a glossary of philatelic terms that we have put together.